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Searches for Extrasolar Planets:

The Anglo Australia Planet Search

The Geneva Planet Search

JPL's Extrasolar Planet linksNew!

Greg Henry High Precision Photometry

Space Interferometry Mission: The Next Generation of Planet Discovery

Terrestrial Planet Finder & Darwin - Find & Characterize earths.

Pulsar planet page

Exploration of Neighboring Planetary Systems - NASA's roadmap for finding extrasolar planets

Kepler - NASA satellite mission to find Earth-sized planets

Extra-solar Planets Catalog - Maintained by Jean Schneider

Graphical Renderings of Extrasolar Planets:

Lynette Cook's Planetary Graphics


Planet Patrol: Science for Children

Exoplanet and Astronomy Renderings (Thierry)

Theory and Life:


CIPS - Center for Integrative Planetary Science at Berkeley

SERENDIP - listening for alien radio

SETI -Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Popular Information on Astronomy:

Mercury: The Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Astronomy Magazine

Sky and Telescope

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