The Planet Around HD40979

Revised 13 June 2002

Keck data points are red
Lick data points are black

Velocity versus Orbital Phase for HD40979
(Data from Lick and Keck Observatories)

Fischer et al. 2003, ApJ 586, 1394

Orbital Parameters and Planet Mass
Lick Observatory and Keck Observatory

Latest Orbital Parameters
Period (d) Tperi (JD-2450000) ecc omega (deg) Vel Amp, K (m/s) M sin i (Mjup) a (AU)
267.2 2330.265 .23 310.8 108.0 3.32 0.811

Data provided by California & Carnegie Planet Search Team

Stellar Characteristics
Spectral Type Mass (MSun) Apparent magnitude Distance (pc) Prot(d) [Fe/H]
F8V 1.08 6.74 33 5.4 0.194