Two Unusually Massive Companions Orbiting HD168443

Revised 10 May 2003

Velocity versus Time for HD168443 (points),
fit with two companions (solid line)
The outer companion has mass 17-40 Mjup.
(Data from Keck Observatory)

Data provided by California & Carnegie Planet Search Team

Sketch of the Orbits.

Refereed paper Astrophys. J., vol 555, Jul 1, 2001

Marcy et al. 1999 ApJ V 520, p239

Orbital Parameters and Planet Mass

Planet Period
ecc omega
Velocity Amp, K
hd168443b 58.10 day 2450047.6 0.53 172.9 472.7 7.73 0.295
hd168443c 4.85 yr 2450250 0.20 63 289 17.2 2.87
RMS: 4.2 m/s
chi-squared: 1.6

Stellar Characteristics

Spectral Type Mass
G5 IV 1.01 6.91 38.5 36.76 +0.03


Udry et al. combine our velocities (shown as green points) from Marcy et al. 1999 with additional velocities, and they find similar orbital parameters.

Artwork of these planets by Lynette Cook is available from Science Photo Library. Contact Seymour Yang, Science Photo Library, 327-329 Harrow Road, London W9 3RB England. WEB: ; email: .


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