15 New Planets - 13 June 2002

California & Carnegie Planet Search

R.P.Butler, G.W.Marcy, D.A.Fischer, S.S.Vogt, G.Laughlin, G.W.Henry, D.Pourbaix, H.R.A.Jones, C.G.Tinney, C.McCarthy, B.Carter, J.T.Wright, A.J. Penny

*Multiple-planet systems: Four stars with previously known planets have revealed new companions after analysis of extended observations.
*StarTelescopePeccK (m/s)M sin i (MJup)aStatus
3-planet system55 Cnc "b"Lick14.653 d0.0272.20.840.115Previously known
55 Cnc "c"Lick44.28 d0.3413.00.210.24Marcy et al., ApJ submitted
55 Cnc "d"Lick5360 d0.1649.34.15.9
HD196050AAT1288 d0.28543.02.5H.R.A.Jones 02, Monthly Not. RAS submitted
HD216437AAT1294 d0.34382.092.7
HD49674Keck4.94 d0140.120.06Butler et al. 2002, ApJ Submitted
HD108874Keck401 d0.20461.651.06
HD128311Keck414 d0.21852.631.01
HD114729Keck1136 d0.33190.902.08
HD72659Keck2185 d0.18422.553.24
2-planet systemHD37124 "c"Keck1942 d0.40191.012.95
HD37124 "b"Keck153 d0.10350.860.54Previously known
2-planet systemHD12661 "c"Lick/Keck1407.000 d0.22427.391.662.61Fischer et al. in prep. to ApJ
HD12661 "b"Lick/Keck263.558 d0.34774.182.470.85Previously known
2-planet systemHD38529 "c"Lick/Keck2189.5284 d0.340167.66011.33.51Fischer et al. in prep.
HD38529 "b"Lick/Keck14.3007 d0.31252.4480.670.12Previously known
HD40979Lick/Keck267.2 d0.23108.03.320.811Fischer et al. in prep.
HD30177AAT1620 d0.221407.952.65Tinney et al. 2002
HD73526AAT187 d0.411183.030.65